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of ohio

not your avg after school program...

We are a 501(a)(2) impacting youth in Columbus, OH, neighborhoods through integrative mental health and modern arts modalities.

Established in 2020.

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- Impacting Youth Is Our Truth -

Makeit. TAKEIT.

Our public arts gallery and artist development program.

All Access Art


The funkiest free seed library this side of the Mississippi! We call it a discotheque.

Guerilla Gardening A Go-Go


An immersive, integrative, and innovative somatic healing experience.

Movement Made Mindful

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Moms House of Ohio has

dynamic programming

for students ages 12-16

in pocket communities

of greater columbus.

at our core

(the ooey gooey

good stuff)

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Contemporary Circular Vectors

What's the 411?

Call: 614.600.2032


Bus Stop Thrift Shop

Sustainbly sourced secondhand finds w/ youth sensibilities and trends in mind.

Fast Fashion Be Gone

un(COMPOSED) Orchestra

An unconventional blend of slam poetry and EDM infused with classic orchestra.

Hip Hopera Hooray, Ho, Hey, Ho

Taste makers

Cultivating a new wave of ethical micro gardeners and food preparers.

Holistic Hands + Conscious Chefs

- paradigm shifters only, plz -

And now a word (hint:

it's a big, glorious "thanks") to our sponsors...

The Hershey Foundation

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